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Gutter Brightening & Concrete Cleaning in Clover, SC

Gutter cleaning and concrete cleaning in clover sc

Clean Your Gutters Regularly to Prevent Tiger Stripes. In short, all you need to do is a regular cleaning and maintenance at least 2 times a year depending on your surroundings and weather patterns. Doing this can significantly reduce or prevent this grimy problem. Tiger stripes are dark brownish or blackish vertical lines or streaks that appear on the front of the rain gutter. They usually start from the gutter lip and run down the front to the bottom edge of the gutter. Sometimes, these dirt lines can continue down the fascias and siding. The unsightly lines are most often seen on white or light colored aluminum gutters and can reduce your home's curb appeal. These striped discolorations form due to dust, dirt, pollen, and mildew buildup on the lip of the gutter. Other pollutants are insecticides, tree sap, runoff from the roof and chimney fumes. When moisture from dew, raindrops, or other forms of precipitation combine with the dust, dirt and other debris; a grimy solution forms. It then slowly trickles down the face of the gutter. This cycle will continue until your gutters are cleaned. Oxidation can also cause the streaks to stain the surface and make them even more difficult to clean.

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Client Review: Eddie came out and took care of our front and back porches, gutters and sides of the house. Everything came out spotless and he made everything look good as new. He was also very responsive and communicative during the whole process from creation of appointment to the day he came to clean the house. Extremely professional and competitively priced work! Would recommend to anyone looking for this kind of service!
- Matthew E.

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