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Dumpster Pad Cleaning For Properly-Kept Businesses in Charlotte

Dumpster pad cleaning

Streamline Pro-Wash is your leading dumpster pad cleaning and pressure washing in the Charlotte area. We are local to the Charlotte area and value our businesses in the area. 

We know the importance of cleaning dumpster pad areas, especially for restaurants and other businesses. This is why we offer a service to make this easy for our clients! 

We strive to help members of the Charlotte area with cleaning dumpster pad areas! This is not only important to you but for the health and safety of those around us!

Dumpsters can harbor all sorts of bacteria, smells, and even pests! Dumpster pad cleaning can help eliminate these problems around your business. Offering this service along with storefront cleaning can help benefit businesses in the surrounding area!

Dumpster Sanitation To Reduce Bad Smells & Pests

Pests like cockroaches and rodents can make a meal inside dumpsters. This can cost businesses money in subsequent pest control methods that need to be purchased to prevent these pests from wandering into businesses.

By cleaning your dumpster, you can help prevent these pests from coming around. Other animals like raccoons can sometimes make their way inside your dumpster and create a major hazard for anyone taking out the trash. 

Raccoons harbor many diseases, but rabies is the most deadly! Deterring these bandits is important to the safety and health of you and your workers.

Bad smells are the worst part of dumpsters. This can create issues with your customers.

Why is it Important to Clean Dumpsters?

It may seem oxymoronic to clean somewhere that you put trash, but there are a bunch of reasons why it is important.

  • Reducing pests
  • Reducing hazards
  • Preventing bad smells

Pests love our garbage and by leaving rotting food inside it, you are just inviting them to make a home in your store. This is a health hazard for you, your workers, and even customers. 

Hazards can be created by pests around your dumpster or even fall hazards caused by the area being slippery.

Bad smells from a dumpster are very discouraging when going to a business. By having a professional clean your dumpster, we can eliminate the cause from the start! Why try to mask smelly odors when you can eliminate them from the source?

Why Choose Us?

Not only are we local to the area, but we value our customers. We are courteous and professional and value the hard work that goes into your job, so call us today at 980-345-0875 to schedule us out! 

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