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Concrete Cleaning in Charlotte, NC by Streamline Pro-Wash


Like everything else in your Charlotte home, pressure washing for your sidewalk, driveway, walkways, or patio is important to keep it healthy and vibrant throughout the year. There are numerous benefits to washing your your stone features all around your home. Pressure washing the concrete around your home is a great way to improve your homes’ curb appeal. There’s nothing like having a guest drive up to your home and instantly notice how beautiful your walkways are. The same is true with your driveway and patio. People enjoy spending more time around the patio when it is clean and free from stains and debris. If you want longer lasting concrete bases around the house, then cleaning them will give them a longer lasting finish. Concrete becomes filled with dirt, mold, algae; plant stains, tire marks, oil and liquids, and irrigation rust. All these build up over time and eat away at your concrete finish while slowly wearing it down. A washing on a regular basis can prevent buildup and keep your concrete looking fresh and vibrant all year long, while preserving it at the same time.

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- David Cobb

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