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Brick Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

Brick cleaning charlotte nc

With the proper care, brick will last for many years. When mold begins to grow on exterior brick walls, it will fill your home with a moldy, musty aroma and leave unsightly stains on the surface. In addition, the mold will feed off the brick and eat away at the wall surface if proper care isn't given. Moss (Bryophyta) and mold can be unwanted guests on your brick, and like most unwanted guests, they will overstay their welcome if you don’t do anything to kill moss on bricks. While some may like the appearance of moss on bricks, moss and mold retain water, creating a hazardous, slippery surface. Dust, dirt, and grime aren't the only things that build up on the stucco or brick exterior of your home—mold, mildew, or efflorescence can build up too, particularly the side that faces north. You may want the stuff growing on your home gone because it looks ugly; however, hiring a professional pressure washing service not only restores your home to its former beauty, but it can protect the health of you and your family.

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Client Review: Mr. Eddie did an awesome job on pressure washing my Mother’s home! She was happy with the results! He values his work and is very professional! He responds when he’s in route. I highly recommend Mr. Eddie!
- Towanda J

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